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Your not-for-profit can raise more money by following six clear steps

Stop wasting time and start taking action to position your not-for-profit for future fundraising success today!

Do you want a tried and tested framework that will provide your not-for-profit leadership and fundraisers with clarity, the right information and the confidence to level-up your fundraising game?  Let me show you the way.

This book is for you if …

You’re a not-for-profit Board Member who wants clear line of sight and reporting of fundraising activity against your NFP organisational strategy.

You’re a not-for-profit CEO wondering why your organisation is not getting a look in for major funding opportunities, grants or attracting more high value donors.

You’re a not-for-profit Fundraiser at any level who wants the tools, language and approach to enable the rest of your organisation to support your fundraising efforts.

Book Reviews

An Australian fundraising text is unusual and this well-written 200 pages is worth buy-in and reading. It will be highly useful for managers new to fundraising, fundraisers new to management and to board members seeking context for a not-for-profit’s fundraising strategy. But there’s also real value for more experienced fundraisers. By distilling the thought process to “six essential building blocks”, we are encouraged to move past complexity and find clarity by formulating answers to six deceptively simple questions..



Discover six steps to increase your fundraising income in Shannon Anderson’s comprehensive and practical new book YES You Can Fund It.

Liz Henderson

Fundraising & Philanthropy Magazine