Building Blocks

Over the last 20 years, I have had the privilege of working for and with some wonderful not-for-profit organisations that do the most amazing work in the community. During this time I have experienced incredible challenges and frustrations mostly due to issues within the organisations I have worked for whilst trying to fulfil my responsibilities to generate income. 

I have made mistakes, I have had some incredible successes and ultimately I have developed absolute clarity about the essential building blocks needed within a not-for-profit for both fundraising and revenue generation success.

There is nothing particularly complex about the information I am about to share with you.  For some reason, it seems to evade many not-for-profits, and in many cases these same organisations are unaware of the limitations they are putting upon themselves by not having these foundations in place.

Most not-for-profits will have some elements of these building blocks underpinning their important organisational work.  Spending the time to get all of these building blocks in place in a comprehensive way, is when the game truly changes in terms of your options and abilities to raise funds or to generate fee-for-service or fee-for product revenue.  Below is a brief overview of each building block.  

My book YES You Can Fund It! – covers these building blocks in a lot more detail and why each is import for revenue generation.

External Environment

Get crystal clear where and how your organisation aligns with current social policy. Be armed with the latest research, facts and statistics about your purpose or cause. Take the time to understand your unique organisational attributes relative to other community organisations in your sector.

Strategy & Business Plan
Having a detailed organisational strategy is the cornerstone for any not-for-profit being able to raise or generate  funds from multiple sources. A business plan should detail how your organisation will operationally execute its strategy, and an annual operating plan will guide your team to deliver outcomes.
Business Model

Charitable organisations must take the time to develop and fully document  their organisational business model, their program or service model and/or their product ecosystem. You need to be clear what evidence base informs your work and how you evaluate the impact of the work you do.

Organisational Stories & Content

It is important that not-for-profit organisations regardless of size to succinctly document their heritage, organisational values and brand values. Also capture the stories of the people who contribute to the important work of your organisation (staff and volunteers), why they do what they do and why this makes your organisation  unique.

Funding Needs

Clearly scoping, costing and prioritising your organisational funding needs is essential for focused fundraising or revenue generation.  This can be challenging, but comprehensively documenting your funding needs will ensure you are well prepared to engage donors and to submit quality grant applications and funding proposals.

Financial Network of Influence

Strategically and deliberately developing a  financial network of influence takes time to build and nurture. Once established, your organisation can utilise this network to seek support, communicate key messages to external audiences, facilitate introductions, in addition to supporting your fundraising efforts.

How can my not-for-profit get started with implementing the Building Blocks?

Buy the Book

If your team are self-starters, then my book is a great place to commence your building blocks journey.

Guided Self-Audit

If you like the building blocks model and need some implementation support, let me personally guide you through a process where you audit your own not-for-profit with the building blocks process. Within a month you will have a clear actionable plan and the relevant resources and templates to get your organisation on the right track to improving your fundraising results. 

Book a Building Blocks Workshop

Book me to deliver a workshop for your senior leadership or fundraising team to ensure there is a shared understanding of the building blocks process and how everyone can contribute to the financial sustainability of your not-for-profit. 

Tailored Consultancy

I can provide tailored consultancy to your not-for-profit which can focus on a single building block area or any combination of the six building blocks that strengthen your organisational capacity for future fundraising success.